The Three C’s in Life

The Three C’s in Life

I don’t know where this concept originated. To be perfectly honest, I just saw it in passing on Pinterest and it resonated with me. I knew it was the perfect introduction to this blog.

The three C’s in life: choice, chance, and change.

You must make the choice to take the chance if you want anything in your life to change…

I could take you on a journey to the past, reliving regrets and explaining why I am where I am today, but I have plenty of time for all of that. And this particular concept is about so much more…

It’s not just about making one decision one day, or about wishing you had done things differently “that one time”. It’s about making the conscious effort every single day of your life to make the hard choices and to take the chances you may be afraid of taking.

It is about becoming an active force in your life rather than a passive one; making life happen instead of letting it pass you by. It’s about taking control.

What’s the Worst that Could Happen?

My rule recently has been to ask what the worst thing that can happen may be. Most often, the answer is rejection. You don’t get the job; you don’t get the extension; you don’t get the role; you don’t get the forgiveness you seek… but if it’s not fatal, why not take the chance? Don’t let the fear of what could be behind one door keep you from reaching from what is behind another.

choose (1)

The Anxiety Perspective

Now, I know there may be exceptions to that rule. I am a walking, talking example of an exception to that rule. I’ve taken many chances in my life, especially recently, but there are still things I’m working to overcome.

You may have that one thing that you are irrationally too afraid to face, that chance you simply cannot take even if you desperately want to “make the choice”. Maybe it’s flying, maybe it’s making left turns at an intersection, maybe it’s going to the doctor, maybe it’s making a phone call… mundane things that people do everyday that are entirely debilitating for you. You psych yourself up and convince yourself that it’s not fatal and to just “go for it”, but then a week or a day or a split second later the anxiety is overwhelming and consuming.

Know that it’s okay to have your wall. It doesn’t make you weak, it’s no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed or like a failure. You have to work through it to get to what comes next, and you will. Start with small chances. Push the wall. You don’t have to knock it down just yet, but push it when you have the strength.

You will get there.


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