Ugh. Day 7.

Ugh. Day 7.

Today was Day 7 of my walking. 1.5 miles with a migraine…questionable, at best? I honestly thought that maybe the walk would help. That lacing up and getting out there and sweating would make the pressure in my neck go away, but I was wrong. It didn’t make it worse, but the headache definitely hindered my ability to enjoy the walk or make any progress with my times. I averaged around 16:41/mile; I was more consistent than normal, my miles were only about ten seconds apart as opposed to the minute/mile difference in pace I usually see. I’m feeling discouraged, but I think it’s because of how my head is feeling and likely has very little to do with the exercise I’ve been doing. (Actually, it probably has a LOT to do with the fact that my house is pushing 86 degrees right now).

So, I’m thinking… the walking is huge and I think it’s benefiting me, for sure. But is there something to be said for focusing on other parts of my body as well, and maybe taking some time to focus on other forms of exercise. Stretching, yoga, weights, etc. This is probably just the headache talking and not wanting to go out for 2.03 miles tomorrow, but I really think I want to start exploring additional methods of toning and rotate them with the cardio. 25-40 minutes of walking is no big hairy deal if it isn’t 90 degrees out.


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