Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

I figured I would make a post today, but I thought it would be about a conflict I am mediating between friends. It may apply to that as well, but it’s not directly what I’m going to talk about today.

Today I am going to talk about conquering anxiety.

It’s a bitch. The debilitating, uncontrollable crying; the fear; the irrationality. The last time I experienced an anxiety attack, it was because my grandmother was ill in the hospital. This time, it is because we are dealing with a tick “issue” in our home. Once I calmed down I was furious with myself because I the reactions shouldn’t be the same, but that’s the secret – anxiety don’t give a sh*t.

My mom wasn’t around, so I was kind of left to deal with it on my own. At first, I totally gave into the fear. I showered and cleaned my clothes and sat in the one room I hadn’t seen a tick – the bathroom – sobbing.

At some point, I took control. That’s something I’ve actually learned about my emotional distress. If I make the conscious effort to take control, I often can turn my subconscious down long enough to get it together. So I decided to do my research. And once I realized the odds of contracting Lyme disease are, well, that I probably won’t, I was able to calm down. I’m still anxious and being cautious, but I’m not letting the fear or anxiety control my actions or decisions anymore. I’m in control.

Hence today’s theme: knowledge is power.

Now, let’s see if I can spin this to be relevant to my friends’ situation… I guess the concept of knowledge empowering you to move on from what is holding you back can apply to any decisions you have to make or situations you have to face. If you truly take a second to turn off the ID (inner desire; Freud was a kook, but ID, Superego, and Ego are pretty valid in my opinion) part of your brain and focus on logic and reason, you’ll be able to move forward in the direction that is best for you.


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